Portland is resourceful. Rich in natural resources, and the people, places and ideas to help save those resources. Abundant with options to buy local, choose second hand items, borrow what you need temporarily or repair your goods. And Portland residents are choosing those options so they can save more (money and resources), and live more.

To better represent this unique place and the bounty of our resourceful community, Be Resourceful is changing its name to Resourceful PDX.

We think that Resourceful PDX does a better job highlighting those people, places and ideas that make Portland such a resourceful city. Whether it’s a new tool swap, used goods shop or local mom-and-pop, Resourceful PDX connects residents to places and events in town that can help you live more resourcefully.

At Resourceful PDX, find ideas and tips for making simple changes in everyday choices that benefit ourselves, our families and our community and help us reduce our waste. Have ideas or resources to share? Drop us a line.

Just as before, Resourceful PDX is a partnership of the City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, Chinook Book and Reuse Alliance of Oregon.

Get updates about Resourceful PDX at www.facebook.com/PortlandBPS or on twitter @PortlandBPS.