Resourceful PDX is about making simple changes to help you save money, support your community, conserve natural resources and enjoy more time with friends and family.

By making simple changes in our everyday choices, we can consume in ways that benefit ourselves, our families and our community. 

Resourceful PDX focuses on these four categories:


Buy Smart

Create memories instead of excess stuff by planning ahead. 


Choose second hand, salvage and vintage or repurpose something old into a new creation. 

Borrow and Share

Cut down on clutter by borrowing, sharing and renting items.

Fix and Maintain

Extend the life of your stuff with basic maintenance and repair.

These are effective ways residents can get the things they need while saving money, avoiding waste, and cutting clutter – while simultaneously conserving natural resources and reducing carbon emissions. 



In 2006, the City of Portland adopted a waste prevention goal to reduce per capita waste generation below 2005 levels by 2015. And in 2007, City Council voted to approve the Portland Recycles! Plan, effectively mandating the City to work with the community to help stop growth in the waste stream.

The 2015 Portland / Multnomah County Climate Action Plan further reinforces these waste reduction goals through the following 2030 Objectives:

  • Reduce consumption-related emissions by encouraging sustainable consumption and supporting Portland businesses in minimizing the carbon intensity of their supply chains.

  • Reduce food scraps sent to landfills by 90 percent.

  • Reduce per capita solid waste by 33 percent.

  • Recover 90 percent of all waste generated.

The Resourceful PDX program was developed to give Portland residents tools and ideas for reducing waste, and specifically, how to take action and where to find resources. To do this, the program encourages residents to try simple changes in how they get what they need. Resourceful PDX:

  • Connects residents with resources – including community-based organizations, local businesses, government agencies, and each other – to help them be successful in reducing waste.

  • Offers resources specific to times of life transition that are often periods of increased stress, pressure, clutter and stuff, which can also lead to greater waste. These transitions also create opportunities to try simple changes and reduce their waste. The program focuses on these times of transition: Moving, Growing Family, Home Improvement, and Kids in School.



City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability 
Through partnerships and collaboration, BPS provides: Citywide strategic and comprehensive land use planning; neighborhood, district, economic, historic and environmental research, planning and urban design; policy and services to advance energy efficiency, green building, waste reduction, composting and recycling, solar and renewable energy use, and local sustainable food production; as well as actions to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Chinook Book helps you support local sustainable businesses — and save money while you're at it. Chinook Book print and mobile editions contain hundreds of coupons from local merchants selected for their commitment to protecting the environment and giving back to the community. You'll find offers from great local restaurants, independent coffee shops, natural grocery stores, local bakeries, outdoor and bike stores, garden centers, theaters and yoga and fitness studios. Chinook Book is a long-time supporter of Resourceful PDX and its partners, and strives to promote sustainable living through borrowing, sharing, swapping and recycling. 

Reuse Oregon is a state-wide network of businesses, organizations and individuals that supports the reuse industry through education, policy and promotion. By partnering with Resourceful PDX, Reuse Oregon helps connect local government, businesses and residents with resources for choosing reuse options that challenge traditional patterns of consumption.