Buy Smart

With simple planning and creative thinking, there are many ways to buy smart and still get what you need. Planning ahead also helps you be more efficient, freeing up time to spend with family and friends, or enjoying new experiences. 

Start with a little planning before you head out to the store – for groceries, clothes or gifts. Make a list, then “shop” your cupboards and closets first, crossing off the items you already have on hand. At the store, stick to your list. 

Choose quality, durable products rather than disposable items. There are many alternatives available these days, from old-school ways (like Mason jar drinking glasses) to modern technology (such as stainless steel canteens), that allow you as a consumer to make the right choice for yourself and your family. 

Think outside the gift box. Who doesn’t love show tickets or getting a special spa service? Gifts of experiences (rather than stuff) offers loved ones a chance for a memorable outing, and removes the potential for pressure to find room for something they may not need.

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