Bright Spots are sustainable neighborhood features that nurture healthy, connected communities. Many community Bright Spots will be highlighted as part of the Northeast Portland Sunday Parkways scheduled route.

Portland’s neighborhoods integrate people and the built and natural environments to form a resilient cityscape. As the city grows and develops, these Bright Spots are essential to maintaining a prosperous, healthy and connected city.

Bright Spots highlight:

Active Living: Encourages walking, biking or other physical activity.

Diversity & Inclusion: Is welcoming and accommodating to people of diverse cultures and abilities.

Energy Use: Uses renewable energy or has energy conservation measures.

Food Choices: Offers access to fresh, healthy produce and community gardens.

Gathering Place: Provides space for community members to meet.

Nature: Creates wildlife habitat or places to enjoy nature in the city.

Swap and Share: Allows community members to borrow or trade goods, rather than buying new.