Annette’s choice to start new traditions is a win-win for her and her family and offers inspiring gift ideas for the parents or busy couples on your gift list.  

“Once my kids got married, I started giving them overnight stays at local Portland hotels as Christmas presents. I also give them a gift certificate for dinner at a local restaurant. They always look forward to seeing where they are going, and I feel good about supporting local businesses. It really isn’t any more expensive than buying a bunch of stuff, provides lasting memories for them, and is quick and easy for me to buy this way.”

When Annette’s daughter and son-in-law started a family of their own, free time became even more precious. To provide them with a break, Annette not only gives gift certificates to a hotel and restaurant, but tops off the special evening out by babysitting the two boys, ages 7 and 4, allowing quality time with her grand kids.

“My daughter is a stay-at-home mom, so these weekend getaways mean a lot to her. Her husband works long hours and travels frequently, so this down time is great for them, and for me because I get time with my grandsons. They look forward to time with their ‘Nana,’ which includes eating candy, beating me at video games and staying up past their bedtime.  It’s a win-win for everybody!”

Annette’s son and his wife are young, busy professionals. They have to pencil time into their calendars to spend time together, so they also benefit from this time away together. With the hotel gift idea, they can call and reserve whatever date they want that fits their busy schedule, for any occasion.

Offering any part of this getting-away experience could be a valuable gift to time-crunched family. Perhaps consider offering to babysit the kids while parents take themselves out for dinner, or buy movie tickets to kick off an evening out for friends.

Deals are available for local restaurants, hotels and businesses. Visit Travel Portland to gather some gift ideas, drop hints for your own local wish list, or find coupons for many local restaurants in Chinook Book.

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