Repair PDX is a local, grassroots organization that hosts Repair Cafés in the Portland metro area. 

Repair Cafés are free events that bring volunteers who like to fix things together with people who have items that need fixing. 

How do they work?

Repair PDX coordinates with local businesses, community markets, churches or tool libraries to host events. Repair PDX maintains a list of volunteer “fixers” who offer their time and skills to repair items at each event. 

Typical repair items include small appliances, electronics, bikes, toys, jewelry and garments. Each Repair Café event is unique based on the venue and the volunteers present. Expert volunteers are on hand to not only fix items, but to teach participants how to fix their own items as well.

What to bring?

  • Broken items and any replacement parts you think you might need 
  • Curiosity, patience and a do-it-yourself attitude

Of course, there is no guarantee people will walk out with a workable item. The volunteer events may not be staffed with those who have the right skills, it may take some time to research and find repair parts, or it may just not be feasible to repair some items. 

Why do we need Repair Cafés?

Buying durable goods and clothing, and repairing them when they become worn or damaged, not only saves you money, but is better for the environment. Did you know that 35 percent of the total carbon emissions in Multnomah County come from the mining, making, moving, using and tossing of the stuff we use every day?

Learn more about Repair PDX in The Atlantic’s recent article about the Portland repair movement, or come to the next Repair Café on Thursday, March 20 at Bike Farm.